Sesshin at Empty Bowl Zendo

Sesshin means to gather together or unify mind and heart. It is a time for us to turn inward, intensify and expand our individual practice an experiential and embodied perspective. Sesshin helps strengthen our relationship with the greater community. Each Sesshin ncludes: seated and walking meditation, dharma talks, and private interviews with the teachers.

Upcoming Sesshin:


2019 Fall Sesshin at Garrison:
September 13th-15th

Wake Up to Who You Are
Led jointly by Roshi Kennedy, Roshi Ray Cicetti, and Sensei Carl Bachmann, This silent retreat at Garrison Institute in the Hudson Valley explores Zen practice from an experiential and embodied perspective…


Householder Sesshin
Dec 5th-7th at EBZ

Rohatsu Sesshin

This Sesshin will mark the end of the 2019 fall ango - more details in November…