Empty Bowl is in the Soto lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi, the founder of the White Plum Asanga.

Maezumi Roshi's students included Roshi Bernie Glassman, founder of  Zen Peacemakers, teacher of Roshi Robert Kennedy, founder of Morning Star Zendo in Jersey City. Roshi Kennedy transmitted the Dharma to Ray Ruzan Cicetti, the founder of Empty Bowl Zendo.


Other Zendos in White PLum Sangha

Morning Star Zendo - Jersey City, NJ
Clear Mountain Zendo - Montclair, NJ
Heart Circle Sangha - Ridgewood, NJ
Still Mind Zendo - New York, NY
Empty Field - Houston, TX
The Zen Center of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA
Zen Peacemaker Sangha - Sunderland, MA
Mountains and Rivers Order / Zen Mountain Monastery - Mount Tremper, NY

Have good trust in yourself:
not the one you think you should be,
but the one that you are.
— Taizan Maezumi Roshi