Welcome To Our New Practice Leader! 


Empty Bowl Zendo welcomes Dale Daigen Spriggs, a long time sangha mate and student, as our new Practice Leader (Ino).

Dale is stepping into a role that encompasses many responsibilities towards maintaining the zendo physical as well as spiritual space. This will include overseeing and delegating tasks within the zendo:  Set up of cushions, bells, instruments, altar and any ceremonial props needed; checking on needed supplies, and ensuring they will be available. His role will include monitoring the spiritual temperature of the zendo as well as the physical heat and cold! Dale will help develop a schedule for zazenkai and retreats, assign service positions, and help train members to step into those service roles.  

We want to thank Ron Manning and Sandra Jakubowski for all their work organizing and coordinating the zendo. Although they are passing on their role to offer Dale an opportunity, they will stay involved to assist him as well as others.

I hope you will join us in wishing Daigen well and assisting him in any way he needs.


Roshi Ray and Sensei Michele




  • President Dale Springs

  • Secretary Tanya Nolte

  • Treasurer Ron Manning

Any sangha member is welcome to attend and observe any regularly scheduled board meeting. Please contact a current board member if you plan on attending so we can update you if there are any last minute changes in meeting time or location. Proposed time and locations of meetings are posted below. Time and board member schedules allowing, effort will be made at the conclusion of the business of each meeting for questions and comments by the attendee(s). In addition, any sangha member can request, with a reasonable expectation of the request being granted, to be placed on the agenda of an upcoming meeting for the purposes of addressing an issue they wish to present. The board does, however, reserve the right to enter into Executive Session, without any non-board attendees, for any given meeting.”

Next Board Meeting: June 16th - Please Notify a Board Member if you would like to attend

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