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2019 Spring Sesshin: Garrison Institute

MARCH 21, 2019—MARCH 24, 2019


Dear Friends and Students

Our 4 day spring sesshin at Garrison Institute begins Thursday March 21st to Sunday March 24th.

In many ways, sesshin is about setting off on a journey. We might begin this journey when we feel compelled by some experience or event to find a new way of living or being in relationship, either with ourselves or another. It might be a new way of relating to some great struggle or difficulty we face. For many is it a journey to return to our very own lives and bodies.

Regardless of what calls you, sesshin is a way to begin to discover ways to shift how we are living our life. And to understand ways of thinking and acting that create either suffering or joy . We must do our work ourselves but in sesshin we do this alone-together. We eat, meditate, walk and reflect on our lives supported by each other.

I invite you to join me on this path of discovery.

Roshi Ray Cicetti

To register, visit Garrison’s website: Empty Bowl Zendo Spring Retreat led by Roshi Cicetti

Note: we are offering 3 scholarships of $100.00 available to help reduce the cost of attending. If you wish to be considered, please contact Roshi Cicetti